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The Heleen

==> note: The Heleen are a species that I developed over several months. It is not Star Trek Canon.

Home Planet:
Planet Heel in the Siria system. It is twice as big as earth. The Siria system contains 2 class M planets, 2 gas-giants and one starcluster called 'The white ribbon'. It has 5 Moons, named Aan, Been, Kaan, Raal, Fiil.
The second M class planet in their system is Klek where the Klek live. It is located at the outer rim of the Siria system, close to the neighbouring Pak'scha system where the Te'Paktan live.

Daytime lasts for 20 hours, nighttime for 5 hours. The gravity is 10% less than on Earth.
Heel has two seasons. The warm season (Saluuga) and the cold season (Kenteela). One year consists of 400 days á 20 terran hours per day. One season therefore consists of 200 days.
Heel has a rain half and a sun half. 3/4 of the water supplies is located on the rain half of the planet. On the sun half it hardly ever rains or snows. The necessary water is obtained from the rain half of the planet.

Heleen have no body hair. Due to their very warm climate they wear very few to no clothing. The don't consider themselves naked though. Their bodies are covered with tattoo-like designs. They have all skin colours from very fair to black. Their tatoo designs have a colour that contrasts to their skin colour. The intricate designs look like clothing so they don't appear naked.

Biological details:
Heleen have a life-span of about 500 years. They age with 20% of the velocity of humans.
Due to their short night, they require only 3 to 5 hours of sleep. Heleen have softer bones, because of the lower gravity on their homeworld. Heleen have two hearts and a very slow heartbeat. One heart feeds the external organs (skin, eyes...), one heart feeds the internal organs. They have no teeth. Their nutrition consists merely of fluids. They communicate in a melodic language with many vocals in it. To strangers it sounds like beautiful singing.

Special abilities:
Although channeling energy is a latent talent in every Heleen, it has to be trained to perfection over 20 years time. Their talent is to 'feel' the energy that is the unvisible glue of the universe, the energy that manifests in a planet, a starship, a cloud in the sky or anything else material. This energy is not a Heleen-specific thing, it is everywhere. And everything consists of it. They can learn to 'collect' that energy from all around them and channel it into a certain kind of energy. Every Heleen can choose in which energy he/she wants to learn to channel to. Some channel in healing energy, some channel into creating a flower, some channel into a sphere of light. But each Heleen can only channel into one kind of energy. They need to concentrate to do it and can uphold the channeling only for a short amount of time.

Government & Society:
The Heleen have a de-centralised government. Government officials see themselves as servants for their people. That's why the three-leveled government forms into: The 'City Councils' with the 'City-Servant' > 'Region Council' with the 'Region-Servant' > 'Servant Council' with the Sacrifice. The Sacrifice is the highest official in the covernment. He/She can be male or female.
Heel has an equal-righted society, coming from a formerly matriarchal society.

The Heleen are a very highly developed race in every way. That's why they vowed to not mingle in the affairs of others and to follow a strict political line of peacefulness, choosing the soley defensive way.

Their technology, in all fields, is highly advanced, well above Federation standards. However as they have a nature religion, they value nature and nature's needs above extreme technological advancement. That's the reason why they wouldn't develope androids, even if they have the knowledge to do so. An android wouldn't fit into their belief system. They concentrate their technological developement on the leisure and health sector.

They have developed a machine that is connected with the brain (externally). It was primarily developed to generate the life matter that is used in building a Heleen Ship.
It analyses your psychological profile and stores your memory (conscious as well as unconscious). It also has a large psychological databank that enables it to extrapolate possible future/past/alternate scenarios. It then can generate holographic images (very realistic, including all 5 senses), that interact with you on the basis of the previously gathered information. That way you can interact very realistically with deceased relatives, far away friends, or even phantasy images that exist only in your imagination. You can re-live past episodes in your life or you can ask to live through an alternative timeline if you had decided differently at one point. Or you can ask to live through a future episode of your life, how it likely would be. The possibilities are nearly endless.
Holographic emitters on Heel are very small and are distributed everywhere. (The Heleen use only solar energy which is logical, as they live on the sun half of the planet). That means that the holographic images/persons can be generated almost everywhere, which makes the interaction even more realistic.
On Heel this machine is used for recreation purposes and for psychological treatments. It is programmed in a way that it doesn't disturb the daily routine of other Heleen and sticks to the social codes of the culture.

Heleen ships:
As they do follow a strictly defensive policy, their ships, or rather their ship, only has defensive weapons too. Their ship is a life ship. A symbiont living form between living matter and a Heleen that has spent 50 years to learn to channel energy into being able to join with the ship, similar to the symbiosis between a Trill and a symbiont.
Otherwise the Heleen use mainly normal shuttles and freighters for transportation. They only ever have one live ship at a time which is in its prime and maybe another one in retirement.
The Heleen who joined with the current ship Kantaar is called Shaleah. So the ship's name is Kantaar Shaleah. There is normally only one passenger on board who cares for Shaleah. Once joined the bond is permanent. If a ship attacks a Heleen lifeship, it simply gets swallowed and is confined in what we would call a shuttle bay in the belly of the ship where it is rendered unable to do anything.
"A normal ship at this range would look like a minature on the screen, but this ship was unbelievably large. It looked like a moving planet, but it wasn't round but an oval shaped white sphere that glowed in a white light. There was nothing usual about this ship. There were no windows, no visible warp drive, nor weapons... nothing. It glided through space as if it was part of it with a grace that seemed to be only possible for living beings."

Belief System:
The Heleen believe in the La/Ra energy (equivalent to Yin/Yang). La is the devine feminin and Ra the devine male. They are not impersonated. The Heleen see them in the nature that surrounds them. It is also their combined energy that they learn to channel.
There are those Heleen who wish to dedicate themselves fully to their believe. They join one of the existing monasteries. There are monasteries for male and female monks (no nuns). There is full freedom in the belief system as long as it's not harmful to other beings. Each monastery has it's own theme. Some devote themselves more to the La energy, some to the Ra energy, some vowed to preserve nature and some combine mastery of the body with mastery of the mind (warrior monks).

Way of living:
The Heleen are very nature-orientaded. As such their houses are built into the countryside, in a way that they blend with the nature that surrounds them.
They celebrate four high days. Two mark the changing of the seasons and two mark the height of the season. The changing season ones are called Sal-Ken and Ken-Sal. The height of season ones are named Sal-Baan and Ken-Baan (Sal coming from 'Saluuga' - the warm season and Ken coming from 'Kenteela' - the cold season.


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